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Handwoven belt by Hishuk


This handwoven waist belt is a braided band with fringes made with the double face tablet weaving technique. It features a famous quote from "Zorba the Greek", a novel by the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis. Each side has the opposite colors but the letters look reversed. You can wear it high or low waisted over a dress or a loose shirt, through the belt loops of your favorite jeans etc.


Tablet or card weaving is a technique where tablets or cards are used to create the shed through which the weft is passed. Tablet weaving dates back at least to the 8th century BCE in early Iron Age Europe where it is found in areas employing the warp-weighted loom.


Length (excluding fringes): 175 cm / 68.9 inch

Width: 4 cm / 1.5 inch

Fringes length: 5 cm / 1.9 inch