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by Constantinos Patsis

mixed media on paper

90 x 60 cm



About the artist's work


Constantinos's work approaches the concepts of figure and space as a whole, as cause and effect, as a personal and collective reality. It can be viewed as an attempt towards a dialectical coexistence of two seemingly different painting worlds on the same timeless surface of canvas.


His artistic world is characterized by an impersonality of figures, either coming from real people or art masterpieces of the past, commenting on the emptiness of modern man, the impersonality of the anonymity he experiences daily, and the ever-increasing alienation that his nature and spirit are subjected to.


About the artist's technique


Every artwork by Constantinos is original, unique and irreproducible, and is created through a challenging proccess, which involves both digital and manual work. Everything starts with an elaborate digital manipulation of an image, that is giclée printed by the artist himself on museum quality, acid free, cotton paper. The technology involved includes state of the art equipment, finely tuned printing profiles, carefully selected ink, and specific software, all closely monitored by the artist himself.


After printing, the digital file is destroyed and the artist starts working on the mono-print with acrylic paints, rapidographs, markers and inks for special surfaces, professional quality material with a half-life of 400 years in light exposure. All works are customely framed in wood with anti-UV and anti-reflective plexiglass with a 200 years quality guarantee.

Red Mary IV

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