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by George Pastakas

oil and ink on handmade paper

70 x 70 cm


In 2010, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation commissioned George Pastakas to create a series of works for the Environmental Museum based in Stymphalia Lake.


The artist was inspired by the sixth labor of Hercules and the battle with the Stymphalian Birds. 150 paintings were created, 57 of which are based in the Environmental Museum of Stymphalia, which were the main body of the exhibition and new works were added afterwards.


The Birds sometimes appear calm on the shores of the lake and sometimes tear the air aggressively, creating a feeling of stress and anxiety. In other works  they are represented linearly, reminding the representations of birds in ancient vessels of the geometric period, with the color scale usually being limited into two tones while other times they gain volume, and give the impression that they are ready to tear the fragile surface of the paper.

Birds VI

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