by Beatrice Mar

oil on canvas,

100.5 x 100.5 cm



This painting comes from a series made as a response to the economic decline in Greece in 2012. Water has both the qualities of permanence and impermanence; similarly an economy can fluctuate, both rise and fall. The title references are used by inland Australian Aborigines to describe different types of water, the permanent type, such as "Jila" and the seasonal, such as "Jumu". The aerial views were a direct association to experiencing the crisis unfold from a distant country in Sydney, Australia.

Permanent Water

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  • Born in 1989, she completed a BFA degree at the University of Sydney in Australia and acquired an Master of Arts degree in Drawing from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. She has exhibited in group shows around the UK, in Australia and in Greece.

    Beatrice explores the relationships between color, mark-making and form, working across many materials and mediums. The patterns and colors are influenced by experiences in the everyday and reveal narratives in abstract landscapes. ​

    Writing and drawing are the two fundamental processes in her practice, working interchangeably to create a narrative between visual ideas and written meaning. The dialogue between color, form and mark-making reveal otherworldly, abstract landscapes. These paintings are informed by elements in the natural environment, maps and oftentimes physical objects in order to become more accessible to the viewer. ​

    In her sketchbook, she makes a collection of observations and reactions from everyday experiences. The process of gathering materials may incor