Vinyl necklace by Misineza.


An absolute showstopper, this elegant necklace is a timeless piece to add to your jewelry box! Inspired by ancient greek pottery motifs and the work of Greek modern painter Yiannis Moralis, its minimal shape will enhance a more casual or formal look. 


The incorporation of the black beads underlines the architectural character of the piece. Its burgundy, off white and black colours are highlighting the simple character and the modernity of the design. A set of powerful magnets keeps the necklace in place.


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approx. 20 cm long

"Modern" necklace

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  • Misineza is the brand of Giota Zeriti, who lives and works in Athens.

    It all started years ago, when she came in contact with a piece of jewelry made of nuts, in Egypt. She was amazed by not only its earthy beauty, but also the alternative use of its insignificant material. Soon after that, she started experimenting with nuts, pieces of wood and aromatic roots.

    Even though she studied music, she was completely captured by the art of jewelry-making. As for her creations, she usually finds herself being driven by the material itself, with all its limitations and potential.

    Recently, she has been working with materials made of polyester, such as vinyl and PVC. Open to every challenge her artistic nature sets, she considers each piece of jewelry as an architectural construction, yet miniaturized.