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by Yiannis Roussakis

giclée print on canvas

from the series «Live Like This»

67 x 50 cm

open edition


"The visual compositions of Yiannis Roussakis, like successive murals, are spread out as a multi-part installation. I stand before these testimonies of dense narrative, dotted with reconciling attempts to redefine a common ground, and I feel as if the viewing point I am standing on is at the edge of a cliff. Never before in recent history has there been such a tense confluence of feelings of insecurity and precariousness. Never before has there been such a lack of faith than today, as we gallop through the 21st century.


[...] The collage series «Live Like This» by Yiannis Roussakis is an hymn to imagination and beauty, as well as a herald’s wake up call against vanity and cynicism. I am keeping the emotional and aesthetic universe of his images as a talisman. The symbolism of his images survives beyond the time of viewing, it is a kind of communion, delightful and disturbing at the same time.


This is a gospel of an era. An allegory that unfolds like an endless mural."


Nikos Vatopoulos

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