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Organzine (lightweaver silk) and twill (heavy silk) scarf by MagnaDi

45 x 45 (twill) or 70 x 70 (organzine) cm


The evzone or tsoliàs's (Greek soldier) uniform appeared as a design with the liberating war of 1821. After 1821, it was established as the official national uniform of all the warlords and fighters in the Revolution.


The fermeli (waistcoat) is the most challenging item to construct. On the back, from the shoulder to the waist, two pieces protrude: on them are white and golden threads that form patterns of folklore importance: one of those patterns is the 'X' and 'O', which relate to the words "Christian Orthodox" in Greek ("Χριστιανός Ορθόδοξος"). The yellow lines correspond to the soldier's rank: two lines for the sergeant and one line for the corporal.

Fermeli Silk Scarf

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