Tolis Tatolas

Mixed Media | Prints

Tolis Tatolas was born in 1978 and currently lives in Athens where, since 2006, he works as a visual artist and spatial designer. He graduated from the Vakalo College of Art and Design / University of Derby (BA Hons, 2008) and the School of Biology / AUTh (BSc Hons, 2002).

He has presented 8 solo and participated in 22 group shows in Greece, the UK, Brazil, the Czech Republic and Austria. He has written the book "Animals in the Homeric Ages" (2005, Erodios) and has contributed to the edited volumes "Science and Tehcnology in Homeric Epics" (2008, Springer) and "Law and Touch" (2019, Westminster University Press). Articles and works by him have been published in the Greek and international press. He has designed the sets and costumes of numerous works by Greek and international play writers in Athens (Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall, Aggelon Vima etc.).

Works of his are part of private collections in Greece and abroad (USA, UK, Italy, France, Canada, Brazil and the Czech Republic). He has been a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece since 2014.

He is also involved in the experimentation on the boundaries of the human voice, expanding his practice to media art, having studied classical singing as a counter-tenor.

Tatolas's artistic interests focus on geometry and abstraction and on how they can reflect ideas and conditions, while creating and communicating feelings in a way similar to representational art. Creatively, he employs a holistic approach to aesthetics, within a framework of unity of all arts.

Tolis Tatolas