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Thomais Kontou

Porcelain Creations

Thomais Kontou has been professionally engaged in pottery since 1975, almost exclusively working with porcelain since 1988.

Having graduated from the Doxiades School of Graphic Arts and Design, she attended the workshop of Stelios Laskaris and afterwards studied pottery (David Woodcock), chemistry (Menander Papadopoulos), Raku (Menander Papadopoulos, Kostas Tarkasis) and porcelain (David Leach). In addition, she completed a two - year seminar on Art History by Pandelis Tzavalos. Her journeys through France, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Denmark, Sweden and Turkey have all provided artistic stimuli and affected her work in various ways.

She is a member of the Greek Chamber of Arts and Crafts, the Association of the Mesogaea Visual Artists, as well as a founding member of the Panhellenic Union of Artistic Ceramists. She also served in the Board of Critics for the 50th Panhellenic Show of Ceramics awards.

She has displayed her works in a solo exhibition at the 'EMEIS' Gallery in Tsakalof St. and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece (Art Athina '11, the Vorres Museum, the Athens Municipality Center, the Salonica Municipality et al., as well as in England and Belgium).

She regularly supplies artifacts to the Benaki Museum Gift Shop, the Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas Museum, the 'Astrolavos' Gallery of Art, and others. In the past, she collaborated with the Museum of Macedonian Art, the 'ANEMOS' Art Gallery and the Zolotas Chrysotheque.

Samples of her work have been included in Peter Lane's 'Contemporary Studio Porcelain' book, in the 'Κεραμική Τέχνη' (Ceramic Art) periodical, as well as many other decoration and design magazines.

Thomais Kontou
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