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Theodora Patiti


Theodora Patiti was born in Kea (Cyclades, Greece) in 1993. She studied Audio & Visual Arts at the Ionian University (Corfu) where she focused on Photography, Film and Painting. She graduated with a thesis in Painting under the title ‘Martyrs’ and had her first solo exhibition in 2018. Since her main interest is to combine the visual arts with theater, she continued her studies in Stage Direction at the National Drama School of Greece. She completed her studies in July 2022 with her first stage work “Dexiosis | Fragments of love”, based on Roland Barthes’s “A Lover's Discourse: Fragments”. She has also participated in painting and photography group exhibitions.

Her work consists of small paintings, artist’s books, and video art. Her focus on the human state, loss of land, functions of memory, the metaphysical, poetry, and literature is captured by means of contrast between light and darkness and non-linear storytelling. Her theatrical works feature moving images, narrative, chorality and physicality, all presented as a spectacle in present time.

Theodora Patiti
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