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by Io Mathianaki

oil on wood

30 x 40 cm



Through painting, the artist tries to restore harmony and balance between opposite concepts, such as light and shadow, analysis and abstraction, the inner and outer world. The subjects she chooses come from her everyday life, such as people close to her, self portraits, objects and parts of her home or studio, the view from her window.


As Io Mathianaki puts it, "I mostly use oil paints, soft pastels and watercolours. I usually prefer "light" materials and try to maintain transparency and freshness in my paintings even if I have been working on them for a while. Painting from life is for me a necessary condition for creating a field where I can express and share my feelings and ideas. After all, I consider painting as a way of expression and communication in a language that is not directed to the mind, but to a deeper human part that can only be approached by art."

Urban landscape

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  • The artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the president of Dogma Athens and the artist.

  • Specialised shipping with certified art shipping suppliers is available upon request. Please, contact us before your purchase, in order to receive a quote.

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