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Unique porcelain tea set by Thomais Kontou


This handmade porcelain tea set can accompany your morning or afternoon tea routine or ritual, even better when taken outside, at the garden, thanks to its nautural leafy pattern and green-golden hue.  It is perfectly hand-crafted by a true master porcelain ceramicist, Thomais Kontou, bearing her signature, engraved at the bottom of every part of the set. The handle of the pot is made of cane, evoking its Asian inspiration and adding to its natural feel.


Make sure to hand wash it, or just wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

Not recommended for micro-heating.


Pot measurements:

Body height 14 cm.

Handle hight (app.) 10 cm.

Width 14 cm.

Length (app.) 10 cm.

Base diameter 6 cm.


Creamer, sugar bowl and cups measurements:

Height 7,5 cm.

Brim diameter 5,5 cm.

Base diameter 4 cm.


Saucer measurements:

Diameter 9,5 cm.

Base diameter 6 cm.

Height 2 cm.


Unique Porcelain Tea Set

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