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by Theodora Patiti

acrylic on paper

9 x 13,5 cm



As Theodora Patiti puts it, "I am more fond of contained space. The entirety of my work does not exceed the dimensions of an A4 page, in an effort that the works are always close to the viewer and not facing them. One can hold them in one's hands, browse them like a book. They look more like objects, like family photos. Contrary to the distance often created by imposing works of art, in small scale pieces one can find intimacy. There is a balance in the dialogue between work and viewer, and the relationship that is created acquires something personal. On the other hand, the limitation of space also determines the painting process. There is no room for painting gestures in which the dangers of style lie. And so, by removing the redundant, only necessary things remain to be said."

The wolves II

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