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by Eleanna Martinou

ink on polypropylane

150 x 450 cm



This work comes from the series "Invented Metropolises / Radar" (2009 to 2015), which is a pictorial mapping of urban networks. Flow streams and buildings appearing on a small scale (e.g. the Blue Building at Exarcheia, Kapnikarea church in central Athens, the artist's family house in Kyparissia, Peloponnese), reveal human activity in the landscapes of the human mind. The network refers to the image of cerebral synapses while depicting a human emotion or a remembrance of memory, in the aggression of the modern urban environment. Time and space are not recorded linearly, but as Rhythm, Mass, or Labyrinth.

Synthesis IV

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  • The artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the president of Dogma Athens and the artist.

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