by Eleanna Martinou

ink on paper

20 x 60 cm




This work comes from the "Face-scapes / Eyewitnesses" series, where the grid of lines refers to labyrinthine portraits of transparent people that are structured by lines. The color is chosen according to the human feeling depicted.


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  • Eleanna Martinou was born in Athens (1981). Studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2006) and graduated with a MA in the Arts (2009). She is a studied musician (Athens Concervatoire 1987-2003).  She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions, art fairs and festivals in Greece and abroad. She is a Phd researcher, Athens School of Fine Arts (since 2018). She lives and works in Athens.

    Eleanna's work in its entirety until today is based on the concept of the Network in Nature (Rhythmology), the Network of human beings, and their testimony of a personal need for Freedom, as well as the constant redefinition and shift of Limits, through a constant Flow.