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Organzine (lightweaver silk) and twill (heavy silk) scarf by MagnaDi

45 x 45 (twill) or 70 x 70 (organzine) cm


The Greek warriors in 1821 wore gun powder boxes (palaskes) around their waists, in which they placed their ammo. The palaska was a silver wrought ornate weapon from Epirus, featuring floral patterns.


The scarf features two palaska designs. The first depicts two winged mermaids holding an emblem of the two-headed eagle. The second features Greece reborn in the form of a woman, shown as the goddess Athena. This palaska belonged to general Alexios Vlachopoulos (1780/1787-1865), who led the rebellion in Western Central Greece in May 1821 and was distinguished in the battle of Peta (4th of July, 1822).


"This land belongs to all of us, wise and ignorant, rich and poor, politicians and officers, even the most common of us. Everyone who fought, each in their own way, deserve to live here."

Memoirs of General Makrygiannis

Palaska Silk Scarf

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