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by Eugenia Efstathiou

Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper

42 x 28 cm

edition of 9



"Born and raised in Greece, I had always regarded nature as an environment for self-reflection and contemplation. My daily interaction with nature was abruptly interrupted when I arrived in New York City at the age of 18. The city’s urban landscape replaced the natural one, leaving a void in my own psyche. I started missing not only the physical grandeur of the Greek landscape, but also its metaphysical tranquilizing effect on my inner self.


Nephelai - the name of the mythological Oceanid nymphs that arose from the earth in the form of clouds to provide water to the land - aims at filling the void that was created upon my arrival to the city. By digitally compositing natural and urban landscapes, I explore my internal conflict and nostalgia as well as the ways through which the two environments interact, clash or co-exist in this new - for me - reality."


Eugenia Efstathiou

Nephelai 01

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