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Organzine (lightweaver silk) and twill (heavy silk) scarf by MagnaDi

45 x 45 (twill) or 70 x 70 (organzine) cm


Laskarina Bouboulina was one of the most dynamic women of her time and a prominent figure in the Greek Revolution.

She was born in prison, had nine children, and when she lost her second husband, she took over his company and became grand captain. She spent her fortune, not only for her ships' maintenance, but also for the land troops. She participated in the war with her ship, "Agamemnon", which was the first and largest ship in the 1821 Revolution. In 1825, she was presented the title of the first woman-admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy post-mortem, an exceptional honour and the only case globally!

Laskarina Bouboulina Silk Scarf

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