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Organzine (lightweaver silk) and twill (heavy silk) scarf by MagnaDi

45 x 45 (twill) or 70 x 70 (organzine) cm


"Better free life of one hour, rather than fourty years of slavery and prison", from the poem by Rigas Ferraios for the revolutionary campaign of the Greeks


In order to express the revolutionary messages, he borrows from the ancient Greek poets the title "Thourios", which means "impetuous", "raging", "martial".


Along the same lines finds itself the figure of the "Geros tou Moria", Theodoros Kolokotronis, who with his courage and love for his homeland gave heroic battles and led the besieged Greeks to freedom.


Rigas sang for freedom, Kolokotronis fought for it.

Kolokotronis - Rigas Silk Scarf

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