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unique handmade cross stitch embroidery on canvas with cotton thread


This handmade hoop art piece depicts typical views and buildings of Greek islands. The colours and the design bring in mind careless moments during vacation in the Aegean.


It is set on a wooden hoop, ready to de displayed on your wall or on top of a coffeetable. The monochromatic dark blue thread gives a modern twist to this traditional craft piece, making it suitable for any decoration.



app. 15 cm hoop diameter

Greek Island Embroidery

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  • Embroidery is now fading, but has been one of the richest aspects of Greek tradition in the past centuries. According to the Greek embroidery researcher and expert, Tatiana Ioannou-Giannara, most Greek embroideries are in the hands of foreign collectors and museums. 

    A beautifully decorative and important part of folk tradition, Greek embroideries are both fascinating to see and intriguing to study. Differences in style and technique can be applied from region to region. In Thrace, for insta