Handmade crochet maxi dress by Greek brand "Hishuk".


This hippie style dress is made from 100% Greek fine cotton yarns in a US size US 8 - 10 (Small Medium - Medium). It consists of 59 granny squares, each made in a different color order. The base is beige color while another 5 colors have been used, white, olive green, raffle blue, orange and black. Their union has been made in such a way that at the front we see the squares forming diamonds (rhombuses), unlike the back that look straight. The bust is covered inside with another piece of granny square in beige color, so it can't be transparent. As for the transparency in the hips, the model in the photos wears a thin cotton shorts in blue color. The dress is backless, reaching to the waist, with thin adjustable straps so you're able to adjust the length.

Bust: 35" - 37"/ 89 -94 cm
Waist: 26" - 28" / 66 -71 cm
Hips: 36" - 38" / 91 - 97 cm
Height: 61" - 68" / 155 - 173 cm