by Panagiotis Stavrou

glass, fabric, paper and wood

17,5 x 14 cm



Blurry Field, as the title refers, is a unique artwork where the artist does not want sharp borders. The real border here is the golden frame, also made by him, which indicating an important condition. In its depth it denotes situations or feelings such as Migration, Memory and Loss. The only thing that wants you to remember, is the last and only gift that was left in the Pandora's Box, which is Hope! The Hope that one day we’ll see clearly a horizon.


“I believe that we humans need Limits, but not Borders”, as the artist says.

Blurry Field

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  • Panagiotis Stavrou was born in Limassol of Cyprus in 1995. After being actively involved in different artistic activities during the school years and winning a great number of student's awards and prizes, he decided to continue with art studies. In 2015, he entered the Athens School of Fine Arts where he graduated in 2020, with honors. During his studies, he took part in various exhibitions mostly in Greece and Cyprus. In 2020, he entered Christofis Collection and Vogiatzoglou Collection. From then he continues being an active artist that lives and works both Limassol and Athens.

    The driving force in Panagiotis's creativity is the power of simplicity. His challenge is to bring to the viewer's attention the fact that whole stories can arise out of the most common of things, constantly present around us. His work is based on the importance of optical phenomena that we overlook, those elements such as Horizons, Deserts, Borders or even Windows. Each time, they lead to a brand new creative path, ready to become embodiments of novel imagination.

    The biggest part of this work explores those elements mainly on Landscapes, Forms and Fields with various practices and materials.