by Giannis Efthimiou

ink on paper

28 x 36 cm



The Battle at Dervenakia marked the Greek victory over the Ottoman forces on 26-28 July 1822, an important event in the Greek War of Independence. The destruction of Dramali Pasha's forces saved the heartland of the rebellion, the Morea, and secured it for the Greeks until the arrival of Ibrahim Pasha in 1825.


This painting comes from a series that emerged from the artist’s need to “play” with the soldiers in battle, triggering his imagination. He is, thus, driven by this occasion to create a world of soldiers, battles, horses and a general atmosphere of war, not with a sense of patriotism, but rather accepting the stimuli received at a young age, carrying his artistic background as his “weapon”, as well as his knowledge and perception of past events.

Battle at Dervenakia III

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