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Updated: Nov 9, 2022

From Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 October 2022, Dogma Athens participated in PLATFORMS PROJECTS 2022. The annual fair celebrated its 10th edition and was held at Nikos Kessanlis Hall at the Athens School of Fine Arts. It was really a pleasure to be for 4 days at the pulse of the Athenian art scene, among creatives, institutions and collectives!

We are very happy for the opportunity to share the work of 27 great visual artists with more than 22,500 people and we are grateful for the kind words and comments.

We look forward to the upcoming projects that will bring us together again!

Stay tuned and feel free to share photos from the event!


Participating artists: Alexandra Anagnostopoulou, Dimosthenis Bogiatzis, Villy Calliga, Yria Chorianopoulou, Chrysanthos Christodoulou, Stella Christofi, Giannis Efthimiou, Eugenia Efstathiou, Niki Gulema, Antonia Iroidou, Konstantinos Kotsis, George Labropoulos, Ilektra Maipa, Petros Maipas, Thanos Makris, Beatrice Mar, Eleanna Martinou, Isidora Papadouli, Christina Papaioannou, Nikoletta Papakonstantinou, Zacharias Papantoniou, George Pastakas, Constantinos Patsis, Yiannis Roussakis, Christina-Sylvia Simantira, Panagiotis Stavrou, Konstantinos Tsitsigkos


[photos by Yria Chorianopoulou | yframes]

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