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Anna Papathanasiou

Anna Papathanasiou is a Greek-Canadian interdisciplinary artist. With roots in fine arts and music, she has created a unique artistic language through video, performance, installation and sculpture.

A founding member and leading singer in the grunge band, “Puta Volcano”, Anna has studied classical piano and musical theory at the Athenaeum Maria Callas Conservatory, she has graduated from the Sports and Physical Education University (DUTH) in Greece, holds a Bachelor's and an MFA degree in Visual Arts and Performance from the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA).

​Notable works of hers include: the live piece “EAT” (Watermill Center, New York - art residency under the direction of Bob Wilson), “Empathetic Body” (presented at the Architectural Biennale of Venice, the #SKG Bridges Festival and the Kaunas Biennal), and the three-hours-long site-specific performance, “Outland” (presented at "Rooms", held by Kappatos Gallery). Her video-performance “Christmas Tree” was exhibited at the Art Props, Kunst-Interventionen in Mannheim, Germany. She has also presented her works in the form of video, performance or public interventions (Digital Biennale, Electric Nights, Palais de Paris, Tokyo, Japan, “Infantry Square” Greece, Athens Biennale, Omonoia). She has also performed at the “Some Sort of Now” project, in France, Spain and Andorra, showcasing the brutalist architecture of Ricardo Bofill. Additionally, she completed a residency in La Serre Arts Vivants at École Nationale De Theatre in Montreal, Canada.

Moreover, she worked as an artistic collaborator at the production of “Elenit” by Euripides Laskarides, presented at Stegi (Onassis Foundation), and is a founding and active member of the F.T.I.J.s group and the "Das Ist Genau" collective.

Finally, she has given many live concerts and has performed alongside The Black Keys, The Black Angels, Alice in Chains, Fu Manchu and Marky Ramone, among others.

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